Beautiful Presentation

Want your pastries to match your party? Margie’s Creations expertly coordinates your order to match your color scheme and decor, completing your vision for your event or occasion. Our beautiful desserts will impress both in presentation and taste– all desserts should taste as good as they look!

Star-K Certified

Margie’s Creations is certified kosher under the supervision of Star-K of Baltimore. Dairy items are strictly Cholov Yisroel. All other items are parve and yoshon. Gluten free, nut free and egg free options are available by request. 

Many Satisfied Customers

Join our (growing) list of satisfied customers!

“My family is hard to impress but they couldn’t stop raving about the look and taste of the desserts we ordered!”

 “They were gorgeous and so good!! Thank you!”

About Margie Schreck Gross


Chicago-born Pastry Chef Margie Schreck Gross’s interest in baking began in her teenage years when she offered to help a friend’s mom with her cookie decorating business. The experience sparked an interest in a career in the field and she later attended the Institute of Culinary Education in New York.

After graduating, Margie moved to Philadelphia where she accepted the position of head pastry chef at Max and David, a kosher restaurant and catering company. Margie went on to her next position at Greenwald Caterers in Lakewood, New Jersey a few years later, where she remained until her marriage in 2015 and subsequent relocation to Baltimore, Maryland.

Having always dreamt of her own business, Margie founded Margie’s Creations, a kosher custom bake shop made to order, that caters to the East Coast and beyond, with satisfied customers in North America, UK, and Israel.

Margie enjoys the creative process. Her desserts can be customized to match any party theme or decor. Margie loves to execute unique gifts, Purim themes, and make beautiful dessert tables for family, friends and all who will appreciate her incredible ability to impress— every time.

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